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My Approach

People come to therapy for many different reasons -personal growth, feeling stuck, wanting to change unhealthy patterns, everything looks good on the outside but doesn’t feel right on the inside, a general sense of dissatisfaction, major life transitions. Whatever your reason, we will work together to set meaningful goals and tailor your treatment to suit your individual needs.

In a warm, welcoming environment, I offer experiential, psychodynamic psychotherapy. Drawing from a variety of contemporary approaches including: attachment theory, trauma theory, affective neuroscience, psychodynamic psychotherapy, body-mind psychotherapy, mindfulness, yoga therapy, parts work, inner child work, and EMDR, we will work together to help you not only solve problems but to experience healing and transformative change.


Why I use an experiential approach:

For some, change comes from insight alone. For many, however, it is not until there is a “felt” sense in the body that the mind can use this information. That’s why insight oriented approaches alone often don’t lead to lasting change. In this experientially oriented, embodied approach you will gently be encouraged to slow the mind down so that you can connect to your body’s wisdom. Through this slowing down and checking in process, emotions are often released. It is this release that allows for new “felt” meanings to emerge that can lead to inner wisdom, contentment and lasting change. 


Areas of Specialization Include:

    Finding your life’s purpose

    Body image/self esteem

    Over "doing" and fear of “being”

    Personal growth - discovering who you really are

    Spirituality - seeking deeper connection

    Relationship Issues

    Sexual Issues

    Parenting and Family Issues

    Childhood Trauma

    Anxiety & Depression

    Grief and Loss

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